# 3 The “Promise and Poop Out” Dater


I asked a whole lot of people about the seemingly great date who drops off the face of the earth only to re-appear in a couple of months.  I expected it from the gals, but even the guys who contributed their opinions had little compassion for the “promise and poop out” dater.

And the call two months later?  Forget about it.  These guys are not much for second chances.

By the way, online daters tell me this is a gender-neutral issue, that women will totally lead men to believe they would like to see them again, but drop out of sight immediately after the first date.  And yes, when the rich guy turns out to be older than Hefner, these same women will also attempt to re-connect.

Maybe in the end, though, it’s a lot more about timing than two-timing.  Just because it’s a hobby of yours, falling in love at first sight isn’t for everyone.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

One thing is for sure.  He is not going to pursue the relationship and is afraid of being direct about it. Patrick, 38

“I’ll call you” from a guy is a cut and dried way to end the date.  It leaves all his options open and makes him feel in control. Cynthia, 43

But Patty, 49, with presumably more life experience and definitely more chutzpah than the average woman, had a whole different take on the matter: He means it’s a great date.  That’s it.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  He probably did have good intentions and got unfocused.  And the woman did not make any connection during the ensuing two months either, I presume!  Shame, shame, ladies.  You want him, go get him!

And Mysticdiva tweets: Probably that he is an idiot. Or afraid. Or who knows.

What’s your take on the situation? 

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