# 5 Girls Do It Too!


According to Neosoul06, guys are not the only ones leaving false impressions after seemingly successful dates:


Before I begin, let me state that I only speak for myself; I do not speak on behalf of all men.

The question is asked, why a man doesn’t call back after the first date? Actually, it has already been stated that we don’t know what happened during this particular date. Maybe, the guy was not interested after he had the date or maybe he actually tried to call but the woman played the “I don’t want to seem too available” game. She decided not to answer the phone and he threw her number away. Then after she thought about it and figured that he was probably a good guy, it was too late. There could be a variety of scenarios as to why this guy did not call this particular woman back.

Since this seems to be only about the guy as to why he did not call the woman back, is this saying that it does not happen to men also? A guy meets a woman, they have great conversation, they exchange numbers, he calls her, has to leave a message and she never calls back. He makes an attempt to ask why she never returned his call and then he looks crazy and is the talk of the water cooler on Monday morning. Let’s not point the finger one way because this is definitely a two way street. Maybe he should have told her he was not interested but would a woman do the same thing? Or would she just hope he “fades to black?” Meaning, he “gets the hint” after she does not answer any of his calls.

In closing, I know the question is why didn’t he call her back? I will agree with a portion of the responses, mainly stating that if the guy is not feeling the woman, her conversation or the way she looks, he should respectfully just let her know that he only wants to be friends. But if that is what you want men to do, maybe women should start looking in the mirror and doing the same. Respect does go both ways you have to give it to get it.

Just my thoughts.


Is anyone out there telling it like it is?

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