# 7 Proper “First Time” Call Etiquette


It just occurred to me that electronics play an important role in the dating world.  And, no, I’m not talking about that kind of electronics!  I’m talking about the telephone.  This is our second question and it also revolves around a man calling.  This time, though it’s a happier situation.  It’s the first time the couple have had sex.

While a lot of people agreed with Esther that he should at least stay the night, assuming the “event” took place at a traditional time, most women and men said the next day was the right time to call.

I believe the next day is appropriate, though many guys will wait for fear of being too pushy. Jamie, 27

I’ll bet Kristin, 28, isn’t the only one who has had “after-afterglow” concerns:

One hour after he leaves; that’s enough time for all of the questions to start rolling in.

I thought I was ahead of the curve on the feminist thing, but this response, and similar responses from the women, surprised me:

I don’t like this question because it assumes that it is the guy’s responsibility to call.  In this day and age, that is a shared responsibility in my book. James, 35

On the other hand, we are forced to admit aren’t we, that in today’s world, sex isn’t always accompanied by romance?

If the two meet in a bar and the first “encounter” is fueled by a dense cloud of booze, he should still make the call the next day, providing he bothered to get the phone number, of course.  In that scenario, the question really is, does he ever call? Jonathan, 30

Gals, would you call him?  Guys, would you expect a woman to call you?

Assuming the ball is the guy’s court, what is his next best move? Should he worry about being considered pushy or, even worse, needy if he calls sooner?  Is this a situation where texting is the safest bet?

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