#10 The guys say no problem, but the girls say…


While some of the women who responded to this question in What Could You Possibly Be Thinking?!! thought male fidelity wasn’t an problem, most agreed with this anthropological response:

It is never easy for a man to stay faithful, no matter what his age. His job in life is to propagate the race. Monogamy is the abomination. Donna, 48

Some viewed fidelity as a male and female challenge.  Sound like the voice of experience?

It is difficult for anyone to stay faithful…  There are many beautiful, young women out there who value experienced men, are aggressive, don’t take a guilt trip about sleeping with another woman’s husband, and just want to have fun.

And, older women can become enraptured with young men.  Everyone who is “out” can find opportunity if they are looking.  And unless they are dead, they are usually looking. Michelle, 60

But the men, for the most part, just didn’t see fidelity as a problem!

Not difficult. Patrick, 38

Not difficult at all.  Either monogamy is important to a guy or it’s not. Joe, 32

Piece of cake. Jonathan, 30

If you and your partner choose to focus on growing together, then it is not difficult. James, 35

Clearly some women have bought into a hoax – a hoax that their man is making the supreme sacrifice to stay faithful.

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