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Which is best for a successful relationship, one with mutual interests but different perspectives? Or one with few mutual interests but similar perspectives?


When exactly should the guy call after the “first time”? And must it be the guy calling? Why not the girl?

According to Neosoul06, guys are not the only ones leaving false impressions after seemingly successful dates: Greetings, Before I begin, let me state that I only speak for myself; I do not speak on behalf of all men. The question is asked, why a man doesn’t call back after the first date? Actually, it has […]

M. Hill, author of The Ones That Got Away: A Dating Memoir, a really fun book, do check it out,  had this to say about the guy who says he’ll call, and actually he does, but two months later: First off, unless you’ve actually surveyed neutral observers about how a date went, you really won’t […]

You didn’t have much sympathy for the dater who says he’ll call, doesn’t, then pops up again a couple of months later. Except for one modern woman who…

What does it mean when a guy says…?

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